Sunday Talking

Today's desk situation. A good start. I tried to read supplementary materials on this laziness Sunday.  I had read three articles so far from different study background. And I regret I wasted my two weeks for nothing. 

The good thing from today is I had dinner with  Myzan. He is such a good men. I mean, He's quite an introvert person who seems to shy in front of new (or even the old) friends but He always try to treat other people nicely. He's from different Department with me at Uni. However, we likes to go out together. I forgot when was actually the last time I met him and had a long chit chat. Therefore, right after took my book from photocopy center I went to his boarding house and picked him up for dinner to 'Ayam rica-rica' stall. 

 Tonight we had a conversation about our study. We also talked about the raising of social media society, the people's characteristic in using a particular social media site, I also said that He's now become more sociable and active on SNS. He tried to avoid it tho. Then we apparently discussed about the hot issue: LGBT. I know that everyone around the world currently talk about this issue. When I said 'I don't really talk about its seriously',  Myzan shouted:
 'So you're one of those who support them?'

'Do you think so?'

Myzan laughed.


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