Get Bored and Stress?

Lately I've been busy doing what mostly last year uni students do. Writing thesis. When I wake up every morning, I'm wondering what will happen in a whole day and worrying weird things. I spend mostly my times in front of laptop (so sad that my eyes getting blurry), have to reading a tons of journal, and you know the rest story... stress.  

So, as the normal 'human' here are some ways I use to reduce stress. Mostly it's works. 

1. Do Something Artistic like Coloring
I love coloring and do something artistic (for me) when I get bored. A few time ago I bought adult coloring book that recently very popular in Indonesia. I supposed to buy it while I was in Aussie, but pretend to do not buy 'any' books because it's too heavy to be included in my luggage. So happy to find the similar coloring book in my fave book store after I back to Indonesia. and luckily with cheaper prize. I can use my spare time coloring page by page use colored pencil. The way to match the color and the art of the illustration help me to reduce stress. If you want to try some, you can get the free PDF here, and print it out.

2. Read for pleasure
Reading is basically what we are to do as uni student. It is not always a textbook, journal, or something that can push you to think and analyse what you read. Read a novel, comic, magazine, and something other thin is the best choice to reduce stress. I am currently reading Diary of Wimpy Kid. I also reading webtoon. With various of genre, I can choose any comic that I want to read. My favorites are Winter wood, Tahi lalats, and No Homo. I am not suggest you to read sns timeline frequently and act like  recent update observer. Seriously do not.

3. Cooking
I start to learn cooking since I moved to new boarding house. I have to admit that cooking is actually kind of FUN. I just feeling like I hit a 'pause' on my uni routines and then playing with cooking stuffs. So far I success trying to cook Indonesian food and simple Kimbap. Wanna share a lots about this to you. 

4. Blogging/Blogwalking
Like what I am doing at the moment. Blogging is one of the best way to reduce stress. It is like I share my daily thought more than complaining to attract attention. Blogging is writing for sharing, for entertain, writing for pleasure. The rest, scrolling through blog on my phone. 

Well, currently I am interesting to share something on my blog instead of other social media sites. Let's say Path, Instagram, Facebook, or twitter where usually people post something they feel look good and to show the superior things in their life. Then, keep the face two inch from phone screen waiting for comments or love. Others just share what people had share. What I see is the visual culture become annoying nowadays through multi-dimension perspectives. Discovering to disappear from other people's radar is the good way for now tho.

5. Walk around
This is a little bit weird because I choose to walk around in a place like mini market, supermarket, book store, or little store. My favorite one to go to sightseeing when I get bored is Javanese souvenirs store at km 16. Once I enter the store, the traditional music and the scent is such a welcoming as relaxation. 

Besides five things I have mentioned above, other things like enjoy a cup of coffee, buy myself a flowers, spend time with neighbor pets, call my parent, talk something funny with mates, clean my room, buy myself favorite snack, and watch a drama are my self care ideas to reduce stress. How's yours? Hope the things listed give you some inspiration.

, eL


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