7 BTS Songs That Will Motivate You(th)

Recently I have been listening a lot to BTS (Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boy Scouts) songs while working on my thesis, and yeah ... their songs' tune not only dope but the lyric is also written beautifully to inspiring everyone who listening to it. I think it is because they produce and write their own music so the meaning is conveyed very well in which it is reflect their story and their thoughts as a youth. I listed 7 BTS songs that I think it keeps me (and hopefully you) to be motivated beyond love or dates.

1. Born Singer

This song is not officially produced by BTS since they just cover the original one from J Cole's 'born sinner'. However, BTS just made it better by change its lyric and the melody a bit to make this song into them. This song is talk about members' behind story, or if I could say their long way to go, to become an idol just like now. With hard work, they're grown up from underrated hip hop band into Bangtan who's gone further even with those who might older than them.
"While you all were teasing the keyboard I fulfilled my dreams
sun glasses hair style, I know why you ridicule me
In any case, It's me who's gone further than you at age 20"

2. Fire

Well, fire become such a big hit from BTS since they've debuted for 3 years. It really goes well as a whole album concept's representative. It sounds young, wild, free, and we cannot ignore the lyric. The perfect combination of up beat music, the dance, and the lyric is ready to set us on fire! If you want something to energizing you, then I recommend you this. Fire motivate you to be YOURSELF, you don't need to think too much about what others think of you, even when they are compare you ... just go on. Your are in progress. That's okay to lose.
"Just live how you want, your life is your. Don't try so hard. It's alright to lose"
"We're still young. Who do you think you are to say otherwise. Stop comparing, I'm just me"

3. Baepsae / Silver Spoon

Through this song, BTS conveying their suggestion to a millennium generation to keep striving in this harsh world. In other hand, this song is such a social criticism to expose injustice in Korea society especially.  According to various references, this song is based on the Korean metaphor:

“뱁새가 황새 걸음을 걸으면 가랑이 가 찢어진다” —
 “If a Parrotbill walks like a Stork, it will tear its legs.”

To be honest, I don't really get the meaning. But, it is simply can be interpreted as people (with low social status) who work really hard to compete and achieve succeed but then their hard work doesn't always really work due to competitive job market, rapid economic, or even they are not as lucky as those who was born from higher social status. Some people might think it is fair, it is normal, it is fate(?) (It's society rules) but the lyric says:
"Switch the rules, change change 
the storks want to, want to maintain
we can't do that 
this isn't normal" -RM
BTS shows even someone that has been assumed as like 'parrotbill' is able to compete with 'stork' although it is quite hard. That's why the lyric says: "Thanks to the storks, my legs are all swollen" which means you need much more effort to succeed although it will hurt yourself as a consequent.

4. Dope

This song is dope! yet it is so inspirational. Dope shows how a young people spend more his/her time to catch dream while a lot of friends at their age are busy spend time for fun. It is simply tell that if you want to catch your dream, better to work hard now and party later rather than party first and work for the rest of your life. Or you need to struggle from others who try to killing your dream as the lyric says: "Condemning us like stocks, why are they killing us before we can even try? enemy enemy enemy" Okey  I love that part by the way. Although I admit some lyrics sounds like teasing "All of you are so weak, such losers, crybabies and idiots" let's assume it just to motivate and not intends to offend. haha.
"I worked all night, every day
while you were playing in the club"
"Don't ever give up, you know you not lonely
Our dawn is prettier than the day
so can I get a little bit of hope?
wake your sleeping youth, go"

5. Young Forever

The title says it all.  If you're an ARMY at least who followed the series of 'I need You, Prologue, Run, and Epilogue, then you will find out that this song is a sad song. It is super right to touching your heart. The melody, a powerful massage, the way of Bangtan says there is no such a perfect things in this world as well as a life which is not always on top. The spinning wheel might bring us down. What we can do is just try the best.

"I console myself
I tell myself that there is no such thing as a perfect world
I slowly empty myself
I can't always get a big standing ovation every time"

"I may fall down and get hurt
But I still run endlessly towards my dreams"

p.s I love the last part where all members sing together. That feels .....

6. No More Dream 

 A nice debut song that tickled me to think again 'what is actually my dream?'. Well, some references revealed that this song is about Rapmon's story. He said that before he decided to be a pro rapper, he's a typical diligent student who was part of top 1,3% students and has an IQ 148 (blessed him). At the time, he thought that if he study hard and get good grade it is good for his future. But He did not have any dream!

"I wanna big house, big cars &big rings
But actually, I don't have any big dreams." 

That is why Bangtan ask every 'youngsters': 'Hey you, what's your dream?'. Our parents often ask us to be a successful person, have a big house, get a rich husband/wife, or work as a civil servant, then Bangtan asked 'Number one future career is a government worker?'. Beyond it, we should have our own dream. It is not only about money or work in precious company, it is not about others dream, but it is yours.

"Go on your path, Even if you live for a day
Do something, Put away your weakness"

7. NO

Well, this song explain more about 'No More Dream' song. I just quoted the lyric and we know what should we do with the rest.
"Don't be trapped in someone Else's dream.  

"A good house, a good car, will these things bring happiness?
In Seoul to the SKY, will parents really be happy?

So that's all. When we take a look,  Bangtan's songs very represent their personal stories. They are young, with big talents and big dream but then being underrated just because they come from small company so they need to work harder. Their song not merely about love but it share about friendship, dreams, school, society, and every life issue around us. I think that is the reason many people got hooked on them. Further, I very anticipate BTS comeback with WINGS album. Stay motivated, fellas!


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