Aussie cobba, Fasting, and Cultural Diplomacy

Univ life is so fun as I thought in the end of my high school. Thought about how I will spend my day, will I get a crazy and adorable friends? or can I keep struggle?

Back to three months ago. Seems like I just got my lucky, chosen as one of tutor to teach Bahasa for around a month and attend various faculty's event. But, the most thing that I grateful for is I meet these overseas friends. The Aussie cobba!

Then fasting bring 'em back. Today we just met again (I called as a reunion) for having such a quality time by watch a movie together in cinema XXI and had a break fasting before they go back to Australia. They had spent one semester in my university learned about Islamic thought and civilization. Good to know that they're interested in Islam and Indonesian culture. 

Those topic is still our favorite one to be discussed. Especially on this good month, Ramadan. Our discussion goes in purpose to cross cultural understanding. I remember with my selection topic which is how the diplomacy can be brought through culture. It could be by an art, exhibition, music, movie, or even a language! Indonesia government take this opportunity by provides an exchange program and develop the program of Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners. Take  a look at K-pop as one of an example on how culture can become one of the best way for diplomacy. Through music and the entertainment, Korean culture can be known by global society.

I realize, on a minions movie that recently we watched, some languages can be heard from minions spoken. One of them is Bahasa Indonesia.
Yes, A diplomacy through language also be brought by minions' co-director Pierre Coffin, that recently known as an Indonesia descent. So do I and what my Aussie friend do. They learn about Indonesia, I learn about Australia from them.

See, how's fun it is. 


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  1. cool ! hey dek, aku suka baca postingan kamu terutama yang berbahasa inggris. pengen deh nulis selancar dirimu, btw kamu kursus apa gimana?


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