A Rocket to The Moon and Their Last Concert

Love this art sooooo muuuchhh :*

Yip! The day before yesterday A Rocket to The Moon was held the concert in Jakarta. Unfortunately, that'll become their last concert in Indonesia after announced the break up. We called it as a farewell tour :(.  I remember the first time I heard the band's song 'Where did You Go' from my besties' phone in 2011 and instantly feel in love with 'em "Oh gosh, their music are freaking amazing!" I said.

But in earlier 2013, Nick Santino as vocalist announced about their hardest decision 'the band gotta break up' in ARTTM official website a few weeks after they realeased their second album called 'Wild and Free'. Huh, their best album which consist a great track list, I think.

So sad to hear that they broke up, but they're still my favorite band. Love yaaa ARTTM :*

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